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Our purchasing policy
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  • Our purchasing policy

    We implement the integrated purchasing policy. Headquarter is the only authorized company responsible for purchasing for all distributors. The advantages are easy to control and lower the cost. We can easily manage all the purchasing, sales and inventories by our updated product information system, which can help us with the entire procedures of ordering, re-ordering, receiving, sales and billing and receipts. The system is able to predict the sales, make the purchasing plans, make the orders and control the inventories by analyzing the historical data. The system can also make consistency of the purchasing and the sales. It means the sales plan has to be consistent with purchasing plan; sales-purchasing plan has to be consistent with the promotion plan. Our purchasing center has the multi-functions of manufacture authorization, quality control, purchasing, transportation, human resources and administration. The global purchasing network can search the worldwide superior product supplier and the premium products by their updated information technology.

    As a leading corporation is transnational food and consumer products, we have established the highest standard to all suppliers to evaluate their product quality and supplying capability and stability. Our business policy will be well run through the entire business processes to ensure the product quality and supplying stability. Our "Supplier's Manual" with detailed information of receipts, information, ordering, supplying, price changes, billing management, payment and etc. will be provided to each of our suppliers who should strictly follow procedures of the "Supplier's Manual". We will bring our suppliers into our business model and integrated management system. Our low cost operation and high efficient management can be maximally realized by integrating our supplier's transportation system into our own distribution system.

    Moreover, we will help suppliers realize the most efficient distribution route plan through online ordering system with lower cost and real time ordering information. Our priorities to select the qualified suppliers are their product quality assurance, competitive price, "just-in-time" delivery and with the reputation and disciplines.

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