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Trip in Canada
Trip in Canada
I visited Canada last month for photographing polar bears in Churchill (known as the home of polar bear).  I walked in the Arctic region and wish to make some photos on polar bears when I visited Norway in 2006. Unfortunately, It wasn’t a quite successful trip. I didn’t have chance to make some good shoots. Churchill is well known as the home of polar bears. The best time to see and take pictures of polar bears is the October and November every year. So this time, I was well prepared and flied to a beautiful country --- Canada.  
Churchill is located near Hudson Bay and Arctic region. Every year, polar bears are coming together and meet up at this place. They are waiting for ice frozen and moving ahead to the center of arctic region. They need to hunt enough food for the coming winter. However, the ice isn't frozen this year. What they can do is the only waiting with no timelines.
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