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Wing On New Group Canada Inc.: From North America to China, reversing the global distribution chain 2014-05-13
PBCC Acquired A License From AGCO 2013-07-22
PBCC Plans for Christmas 2013-07-11
PBCC Held the Wine Tasting in Shenzhen photo 2 2013-05-15
PBCC Held the Wine Tasting in Shenzhen photo 1 2013-05-15
PBCC to Co-operatively Hold the Wine Tasting in Shenzhen 2013-05-10
Polar Bear Baby Porducts are invited to attend the Shanghai International Food Exhibition 2013-05-07
PolarBear Product Ads on Netease 2013-04-15
PolarBear Product Ads on 2013-04-15
PolarBear Product Ads on 2013-04-15
360 Buy Promotes PolarBear Products on Various Portals 2013-04-15
Highlights of the 17th MICF (Beijing,China) 2013-04-13
Polar Baby Bear Porducts are invited to attend the 17th MICF(Beijing,China) 2013-04-13
PolarBear Diapers Enter the Supermarket of Shandong Province 2013-04-10
PolarBear Diapers Enter Toronto Market 2013-04-08
PolarBear Diapers Exhibit Along with Other Well-Known Brands in North America 2013-04-08
Executives Visit A Well-Known Baby Product Supplier 2013-04-07
PolarBear Diapers Are Sold in Dalian 2013-04-07
A Letter from The Mayor of Niagara 2013-04-05
PolarBear Products Enter Guangzhou Friendship Store 2013-03-20
PoLarBear Nuts & Maple Syrup Successfully Enter Tianjin Isetan Supermarket 2013-03-18
PolarBear Diapers Enter Beijing Scitech Plaza 2013-03-11
PolarBear Diapers Enter Beijing Lufthansa Center 2013-03-10
Polar Bear Products Enter Ouya Supermarket Chains in Changchun, Jilin Province 2013-03-08
As Chinese New Year Approaches, PolarBear Nuts Are Sold at Chains Stores of Beijing Hongluo Food Co. Ltd. in Beijing 2013-02-19
YuanDong department store launched PolarBear product in TianJin,
which is the mark of the company officially enter TianJian market
PolarBear Nuts and Maple Syrup Become Featured Products of Dunan One Mall in Shenyang 2013-01-25
PolarBear Products Enter Chain Stores of Charter Group in Changchun on January 21, 2013 2013-01-21
PolarBear enters Da Shang New-Mart supermarket on Jan 3rd 2013 2013-01-03
PolarBear Premium Diaper on shelf in North American supermarket 2012-12-29

PolarBear Products on Christmas and New Year sale

PolarBear promotion initiated 2012-12-29
Shenyang An Dun shopping center starts promotion 2012-12-28
Premium Diaper and wipes on shelf in Yong Hu on Dec 28th, 2012 2012-12-28

The senior president visits the Arctic Ocean Lobster Center


PolarBear enters Chinese market on Dec 27th, 2012

PolarBear enters ShenYang Charter shopping center and has agreement with Chang Chun 2012-12-25
Nuts and syrup enter Beijing Yansha Outlet, Scitech Outlet 2012-12-25

Kitchen Towel shipped from New York in December

PolarBear launches the icewines 2012-12-25
11-28 PolarBear nuts and maple syrup for sale in the Shenyang ANANTI luxury Shopping center 2012-11-30
11-26 PolarBear nuts and maple syrup for sale in Shanyang Dunan Xinyicheng shopping center 2012-11-28
Polar bear nuts on US food fair on November 2012 2012-11-23
2012-11-17 PolarBear premium diapers arrives in Shanghai Port 2012-11-22
11-13 Dalian “Tiger King” become the member of Beijing International Wine Exchange 2012-11-16
2012-11 PolarBear premium diapers on the US diaper exhibition 2012-11-14
2012-08-08 PolarBear premium diapers released 2012-08-15
2012-07-15 Grand Opening of Canada Premium Life Center 2012-07-25
"PolarBear premium ice wine series" joins the Beijing International Wine Exchange 2012-05-13
PolarBear nuts and maple syrup 2012-05-12
2012-05-10 PolarBear global supply chain system ready to operate 2012-05-06
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