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The origin of POLAR BEAR brand
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  • The origin of POLAR BEAR brand

    The arctic was the place with joy and happiness in Eskimo's myth. People living there shared the water, which is the symbol of live. Ice and snow created the beautiful and mysterious arctic. Polar bear with its elegance, beauty, wisdom and stubborn characteristic becomes the dominator and the signature of this vital and mysterious land. Polar bear is well popular in Canada because it also represents the Canadian liberty, strength, endurance and dignity.

    The POLAR BEAR brand is also the inheritor and messenger of the polar bear spirit. We created the products with vitality and creativity by our marketing and operations and we hope to bring joy and happiness to people in the world. More importantly, through our brand marketing, we want to enhance the awareness to the public to protect the polar bear in this last pure land and pay more attention to all lives in arctic. Because of the global warming and man-made destructive factors polar bear's living condition is getting worse and worse, and their civilization may vanish very soon. Arctic is the weakest ecosystem in the world. The polar bear's hormone is threatened by chemical spread and extensive global warming. Global warning has gradually affected the ice and its ecosystem. The mission of our polar bear foundation is to make continuously effects to improve the ecosystem in arctic and protect polar bear and other lives in this piece of land.

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